Young Adult 

Our Fijian church also has a large group for those aged 26 to 40+. We 're committed to cater and fulfil the energy, ideas, passion and need for this age group. Therefore, the Auckland Fijian church for the first time, has acknowledge to establish a ministry called the Young Adult Ministry. This ministry runs in accordance with conditions and guidelines from the North New Zealand Conference.

Although we operate under the Adventist Youth banner, however there are activities and programs which are separately set-up for the Young Adult members.

This group has their Sabbath school class with the youth brothers and sisters each week and also is involved in regular social outings throughout the year. These include in participating in the North New Zealand Conference tournaments such as Touch Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and etc.

More over, our young adult ministry is designed to build and strengthen each other in developing a personal relationship with God and to support and encourage one another.

We also run Sabbath afternoon A.Y programs with the youth ministries. The programs are designed to cater not only our youth and young adult age groups but also the inter-generational congregation in our church.

If you're visiting New Zealand or Auckland, you're most welcome to join us in fellowship this Saturday (Sabbath). 

2018 - Young Adult Officers

Leader:    Laitia Navunigasau

Contact:    +64 210 645 330

Assistants:    Kaminieli Donu Nasau
Contact:    +64 212 365 861